TITAN Saw Blades

Inspired by the challenging demands of cutting modern superalloys, Haas Saw & Supply has developed the Titan Saw Blade Line. Special grades of carbide, extremely hard multi-layer PVD coatings, and application specific tooth geometry are some of the many unique characteristics of Titan Saws. These very economical and efficient saw blades are designed for cutting today’s high performance alloys including: Titanium, Nickel Base Superalloys, Super Duplex Stainless Steels, and Cobalt-Chrome alloys. Our technical research in cutting these difficult materials began in 2005, when we helped one super alloy producer incorporate carbide-tipped circular saws into refurbished production lines in the place of abrasive saws. A comparison of the two methods of cutting shows the enormous benefits and cost savings of using Carbide-Tipped Circular Sawing. Similarly, when making comparisons to Bandsaw cutting, the circular sawing method is much faster and operates at a much lower cost per cut when you amortize the cost of the tool over the total amount of material removal.

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