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  • What is the best blade cold saw blade for cutting stainless steel?
    This is one of the most common questions we receive. All of our HSS cold saw blades are capable of cutting stainless steel. When cutting stainless steel, especially 300 series stainless steel, it is critical to ensure you are using the correct surface speed, tooth pitch and coolant. Stainless steel gets gummy when machined at elevated blade speeds, and the material will stick to the sides of the teeth causing the blade to sound like it has a "high spot" when cutting. To prevent this from happening, ensure you are using a blade speed of 70 sfpm, and a good water soluble flood coolant to keep chips flowing and reduce the likelihood of material sticking to the sides of the teeth.
  • Why am I getting an excessive amount of burr?
    - Dull saw blade - Wrong tooth geometry or poor regrind - Wrong tooth pitch or number of teeth - Feed rate too low (hangers) - Feed rate too high (blue chips) - Cutting speed too high for alloy/material being cut
  • Why did my saw blade break/crack?
    Sudden failure of saw blades, due to breakage of teeth or the entire saw blade itself is generally caused by: - Material movement caused by clamping problems - Too many teeth on the saw blade for the application - Excessive feed rate - Incorrect choice of cutting parameters for the application - Incorrect saw blade rotation (reversed) - Material advancement when the saw blade is in the down position


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