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AUTOCOIL premium overarm separator discs are manufactured using hardened and tempered abrasion resistant steel, providing the ultimate wear resistance with and anti-galling characteristics. AUTOCOIL separator discs will last longer and perform better in both ferrous and non-ferrous coil processing and slitting operations than traditional separator discs.



  • Premium raw material

  • Customized for each application

  • Extended wear life

  • Reliable performance

  • Predictable and reliable lead-times

  • More than 25 years of manufacturing expertise

       and hands-on application experience


Available in various sizes, surface finishes, edge types and configurations, AUOTCOIL separator discs are suitable for industrial use, even when processing abrasive or high-alloyed steel materials. High polished surface finishes are available for delicate non-ferrous materials like brass and copper. Contact us to learn more about our options. 

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